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Is Off-site Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking better?

Parking at the Fort Lauderdale (FLL) airport may seem more advantageous than parking at an off-airport parking facility. But, is parking at the airport really the best option?

Before you determine where you will park your vehicle, consider the benefits of parking at an off-airport Fort Lauderdale parking company like Park by the Ports.

Benefits of Off-Airport Parking:

1. Parking Reservations:

If you don’t use Fort Lauderdale Airport’s valet service, then you could possibly spend a lot of time trying to find a parking space in one of their garages. Even then, you’re not guaranteed a parking space. Think about holidays for example. During every holiday there are more people travelling out of Fort Lauderdale airport. More travelers mean less parking. If you can’t reserve a spot, you may not have a parking space.

Don’t put that stress on yourself! At Park by the Ports you won’t need to worry about crossing your fingers or wishing upon a star. By simply making an airport parking reservation on our website, you can ensure that your car will have a parking space while you travel out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. Plus, you’ll be able to guarantee your parking price. Sometimes, our prices are as low as $4.99!

2. Fast Service:

Because the airport’s garages are close to the terminals, you may think that parking at Fort Lauderdale airport is better. However, that is not necessarily the case. FLL airport’s economy parking lot is quite a ways from the airport. Additionally, their shuttles make their rounds approximately every 15-20 minutes. Since the distance is so significant, walking to the airport is not an option.

At Park by the Ports, we love giving our customers the best service. Our shuttles are readily available to take you to the airport and drop you off at the terminal entrance. Plus, we’ll assist you with your luggage so you won’t have to keep dragging it around.

3. Vehicle Services:

If our low prices, reservations, or fast service is not appealing to you, then consider our vehicle services. Unlike Park by the Ports, Fort Lauderdale Airport does not offer services such as oil changes, body shop, or general mechanical repairs.

At Park by the Ports, we’re car people too! We absolutely understand that you love your car. Unfortunately, you are busy. Instead of spending more time making a separate appointment for your vehicle, simply have it serviced while you’re on your trip. Check out our vehicle service prices.

There are actually many advantages to off-site Fort Lauderdale Airport parking. Park by the Ports offers the additional benefits that the airport does not. You can easily make a parking reservation, receive low prices, enjoy our fast service, and partake in our vehicle services. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, then start by making a Fort Lauderdale Airport parking reservation below.


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