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Compare FLL Airport Parking Rates

If you are parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) it is in your pocketbook’s best interest to think about parking before you leave your house.


Do you want to spend up to $40/day on Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking? We wouldn’t want to spend that much! If we were you, we would much rather spend that airport parking money on our vacation. To make sure you are spending your money wisely, let’s compare Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) parking rates.

Think about the breakdown of the cost. For instance, if you decided to park at one of Fort Lauderdale Airport’s parking garages for 4 days, you could spend up to $100 for your stay. However, if you allowed Park by the Ports to offer you their airport parking services, you would spend around $20-$36. That is a pretty significant price difference for FLL Airport parking (at least we think it is)!

Another factor to consider is distance. Naturally the FLL Airport’s garages are much closer than any off-airport parking facility. However, you are paying a premium (as shown above) for parking on FLL Airport property. Plus if you parked at FLL Airport’s garages, you would walk quite a bit to get to your vehicle. On the other hand, Park by the Ports’ shuttle picks you up and takes you straight to your vehicle.

Furthermore, with Park by the Ports you can make a Fort Lauderdale Airport parking reservation. Rather than driving around Fort Lauderdale looking for the lowest price, simply reserve your parking space online. Making a reservation with us allows you to secure your parking rate and parking space. Our airport parking reservation capability gives you another reason to relax and look forward to your trip.

Still don’t think we offer the best airport parking rates and service? We’ll make your parking stay even better by offering you car services such as an oil change, mechanical work, service lights, and body shop work. Why not get your vehicle serviced while you’re away? Kill two birds with one stone by having your vehicle examined or repaired when you park with us.

When choosing your Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) parking option, find out which company has the lowest parking rates and best reviews. But, make sure you can reserve your space beforehand so the day of your departure can go as smoothly as possible. Your car is important to you and to us. Next time, entrust your vehicle to Park by the Ports when you fly out of Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL).

Park By The Ports $4.99/day - $8.99/day* YES NO
Park N Fly $12/day YES NO
Park & Go $7.99/day-10.50/day* YES NO
FLL Airport Parking Lots/Garages $7.50/day-$25/day NO NO
FLL Park Safe $7.99/day-$8.99/day YES NO

*price varies based on season


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